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Precision Welding N’at

Posted in Fabrication, Roll Cages on July 13, 2010 by dominationchassis

welding porscheA few weeks ago, we found Domination Chassis‘ founder hard at work on the vintage 911 Porsche. (Many thanks go out to the Porsche’s owner for flying the Domination flag with some custom stickers!). For any of you that have tried on the mask and held a tig rod in your glove, you know that welding is a fine art. We snapped a few candids of Jay in precarious positions as he put some pristine touches on the 911’s roll cage. More photos to come…

Porsche 911E: Race Ready!

Posted in Customer Cars, Fabrication, Roll Cages, Services, Shop Projects with tags , , , , , on June 11, 2010 by dominationchassis

race ready porsche 911This beauty came to us in need of a roll cage and fuel cell mount for weekend racing. The ’71 911 E, with its self-supporting bodywork, front independent suspension on transverse links and damper struts, longitudinal torsion bars, rear independent suspension on lateral links and transverse torsion bars, make it a classic choice for weekend SCCA racers across the country.

‘”They’ve got faster, all three of them”, promised an English Porsche brochure showing the 911 models (911 S, 911 T and 911E of 1970). In fact a capacity increase from two to 2.2 litres had increased the performance of the engines in the 911 T, E and S models, but the torque gain was predominantly responsible for increased thrust at the lower speeds.’

We installed a custom roll cage and fuel cell mounts and brackets, but not prior to removing the interior dash and seats to make sure they stayed clean while we enhanced the 911’s safety features. Scroll down for more photos of the project, and see even more on our main site, Domination Chassis.