Finishing the TDI Golf

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Well it looks like the light at the end of the tunnel is finally coming into view. We are finishing up the details on the noSPARK Rally TDI Golf. Fuel lines and pump have been run, the SCCA approved FuelSafe cell is in and the frame for it is built, the skid plate has been made and everything is undercoated.

This car will be ready for the Sandblast Rally in South Carolina on Feb. 6th. So if you’re going to be there, be sure to check it out!

On with more pics!

Undercoated TDI Golf, Domination Chassis

Custom Tig Welding for Fuel Fitting

6061 Aluminum Skid Plate, Domination Chassis

Custom Fabbed Tank Frame for Fuel Cell, Domination Chassis

Undercoated tank frame custom.

The final stages of fabrication…

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Custom Rear Suspension

VW Logo Bead Rolling

Tire Mount Welded

Wheelwell undercoated

More noSPARK Golf

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Work is progressing very well on the noSPARK Rally TDI Golf. We have finish welded everything into place and set the ride height on the rear suspension.  We made a cover for where the spare tire well once was and will be doing some seam sealer this afternoon. There are pictures coming once I get them edited.

Stay tuned!

noSPARK Golf (cont.)

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More pictures of this week’s progress. The suspension is tacked in.

Rear Suspension Tacked In

Neon Rear Suspension on the Golf

Rally Volkswagen TDI

More Progress on the noSPARK Golf

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Work is progressing nicely on the TDI Golf. We are going with a 2000 Dodge Neon rear suspension, which obviously is not made to fit, so everything is going to be custom fabricated.

We’ve got the neon all cut up and are beginning the process of setting up the neon suspension to test fit/mockup.

Getting ready to remove the rear suspension support.

The Multi-Link suspension that is going into the Golf.

Evan preparing to unleash sawzall fury on the Neon.

Jay getting Plasma Cutter-happy on the Neon

More pictures were taken this morning and may find their way onto the blog this afternoon. In the meantime, you can find noSPARK Rally Promotions and Domination Chassis on Facebook!

noSPARK Rally Car Project

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Next up on the list at the shop is a 2000 Volkswagen Golf Rally Car.  This car came in for some body work and suspension work.  We have something special in the works for the rear suspension including a multi-link setup.

Here are the initial pictures of the teardown:

The Golf at Domination Chassis

The Golf at Domination Chassis

The Golf at Domination Chassis

Terminator Powered Factory 5 Roadster

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This is the current project in the shop which is in the final stages of build. It is a MKIII kit car from Factory Five Racing (

This car is powered by a 4.6L 4V S/C V8 from a 2003/2004 Ford Mustang Cobra. Factory ratings on this motor are around 375/375 hp/tq. This should be a pretty stout vehicle when finished. Here are a couple of shots: